Touch Free Instant Jewellery Renewal Dipping Kit



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Fast and convenient way to clean sterling silver jewellery. Use our JewelleryCleaner to instantly remove tarnish from sterling silver jewellery.

It will restore shine and brilliance to sterling silver jewellery.Instantly removes tarnish and restores shine and brilliance.

Just dip a piece of jewelleryfor 10 seconds. rinse and dry with a lint free cloth. It’s that simple to use.

Fast and easy to use for cleaning your jewellery.Great for cleaning large batches of jewelry. with only a 10 second wait for each piece. you’re done in no time at all.

Boost your appearance by making sure that your jewelry is dazzling. Give your jewelry a beauty treatment.


1. Carefully cut the seal from the container. The solution has a strong odor but that is the nature

2. Place only one piece of jewelry in the dip tray. Lower dip tray into cleaning solution for up to 10 seconds. It is not necessary to soak for any extended period of time.

3. Remove dip tray from container and rinse thoroughly in room temperature water.

4. Dry jewelry with a lint free cloth.


Net weight: 236ml

Shelf Life: 5 years

Using Directions: Dip jewellery in tray inside the container for 3-5 seconds; rinse under water and dry well before wearing.


1*Touch Free Instant Jewellry Renewal Dipping Kit

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Touch Free Instant Jewellery Renewal Dipping Kit