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The True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream’s mix of moisturizing ingredients keeps skin healthy. smooth. and supple while removing the appearance of your scars. pigmentation. and texture.

Yasmin Reynolds. Hawaii. USA

I used the True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream while pregnant and it really provided relief and comfort to stretched skin. This even helped my skin recover fast after pregnancy. Amazing formulation! It really prevents stretch marks and dry. itchy skin.


May Flores. Manila.AUS

The True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream has a good consistency and is easy to put on. and most importantly. it doesn’t leave me feeling wet or greasy. I usually apply this cream in the morning and my skin feels soft and hydrated for the majority of the day. Marks around my hips and thighs are disappearing!


Keira Jenkins. Ontario. Canada

I’ve tried tons of stretch mark creams. and the True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream is absolutely the best! I noticed a difference in the stretch marks on my stomach that I developed years ago. This cream made my scars flatter. and my skin a lot firmer. I continued applying this religiously and months later. some of my stretch marks are barely even noticeable anymore.


Stretch marks are completely natural and developed when the skin is suddenly stretched due to pregnancy. weight fluctuations. and puberty growth spurts. Keeping the skin well hydrated and nourished will make skin more elastic. preventing the appearance of stretch marks and erasing them over time. The True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream is an effective topical cream that does exactly that.

Gentle + Effective Formula

The True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream keeps stretch marks at bay by preventing tears that cause them. When applied. the combination of the soothing and moisturizing formula and rich texture gives adequate nutrition to strengthen skin. make it more elastic. and prevent formation of marks especially while pregnant.

This anti-stretch mark cream is infused with snail mucus extract that offers a range of skin benefits that not just prevent scars. but also diminish existing ones. Snail extract works by getting rid of the dead cells on the surface. This mild. completely natural exfoliation helps speed up the skin regeneration process. repair the damage. and smooth the scars. permanently removing the appearance and texture of stretch marks with continued use.

In addition to preventing and getting rid of “watermelon skin”. the True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream makes excellent postpartum care and skincare maintenance. Its nourishing formula relaxes postpartum pregnancy muscles and prevents dry skin. all while soothing and fading the stretch marks that you already have. Just gently rub the cream in circular motions across the desired area for 3-5 minutes. twice a day for the best results.

Why You Should Use It:

  • Prevents stretch marks by strengthening the skin. making it more elastic and less prone to scars and tears
  • Contains snail extract that speeds up cellular turnover and boosts collagen and elastin production. which help fade stretch marks and other skin texture and pigmentation issues
  • Nourishes skin during pregnancy to prevent the formation of stretch marks or “watermelon skin”
  • Improves dryness. prevents discomfort and itchiness. and keeps skin supple and smooth
  • Repairs damage skin in the abdomen. hip. chest. waist. thighs. and other areas with stretch marks. scars. and discoloration
  • Relaxes muscles during pregnancy and soothes the skin

The True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream’s soothing and moisturizing formula is ideal for your stomach. hips. thighs. and bust. This cream increases elasticity in your skin to ward off new stretch marks and fade the existing ones. It’s effective in preventing dry. itchy skin and smoothing pregnancy-induced stretch marks.”Maria Anderson. San Diego. California-based. board-certified dermatologist


Colbie Esguerra shares her during and post-pregnancy skincare journey with the True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream

When I got pregnant with my second son. I was already aware of the very uncomfortable feeling of stretching skin. So I bought the True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream to prevent it from happening and keep new stretch marks from forming.

Week 1 Post-pregnancy:

I started applying this cream around my belly. I loved the lightweight. silky. and soothing formula. It hydrated my skin without irritating it. I loved that the formula didn’t take too much time to rub in.

Week 2 Post-pregnancy:

After a few months of continually using it. this has been effective in preventing the “itch” that kept me awake on my first time. Skin felt smooth. soft. and supple. No “stretchy”. uncomfortable feeling. The smell also didn’t bother my extra sensitive nose while pregnant.

Week 3 Post-pregnancy:

It has been a month since I gave birth.. and I noticed that continued use and ample application of the True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream really did wonders on preventing new stretch marks from appearing. This has also faded the texture and discoloration of the old ones. Definitely a must-have for moms and moms-to-be!


Product Specifications:

  • Net weight: 60g
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Main ingredients: Snail mucus extract. Witch hazel extract


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1 x True Beauty Stretch Mark Cream

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