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Stands up confidently. feel awesome all the time

Time to show off charming figure!No longer need toconceal any dark areas again.

With our TrueBeaute BrightGlow Cream. everyone can get their desired look that always wanted!

Features :

Strong Lightening Power

This cream is enriched with multiple natural extracts thatprovides a progressive brightening effect for a more uniform complexion to achieve luscious finishwith a beautiful. even tone.

Correct. Inhibit and Enhance

This formula offers a complete whitening action. It visibly reduce the appearance of uneven complexion and refine textured surface foraperfectly smooth result. It also will inhibit the production of melanin. reduce darkspot and prevent further darkening.

Smooth. Soften and Tighten

Moisturize. lighten. whiten. tighten and soften while diminishing inflammation. promote metabolismandboost elasticity.

Moisturize and Replenish

TrueBeaute BrightGlow Cream provides deeply moisturizing and nourishingto restorethe resiliency and health of your complexion.It containsupercharged ingredients that help to tackle free radicals and improves dull. roughcomplexion.

Natural. Safe and Gentle

Our TrueBeaute BrightGlow Cream is made with all natural ingredients which isextra gentle on the most sensitive areas of whole body.

Specifications :

Ingredients: Nicotinamide. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Net Weight: 20g

Shelf Life: 3 Years

How To Use :

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TrueBeaute BrightGlow Cream