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Turn Your Messy Hair to Stylish Hairstyle!

OurTwistUp Hair Braiding Toolis the easiest andtime-savingway toturn your messy hair intoclassic vintage braid hair stylewithout hassle!

Made withlightweightandsuper flexiblematerial. thehairbraider will sitcomfortablyin your hair andhold your braidtightthroughout the day.

Two different styles for all ladies. One is made with pearl and crystal which creates a gorgeous image for you. and another one will stays invisible under your hair. making it perfect for any hair types.


  • 1 Minute Braid Hairstyle
    Helps to braid all kinds of vintage hair style as easy astying shoe laces

  • Easy to use with Amazing Effect
    DIY hairstyleby simplytwisting and tucking to turnyour messy long hairinto abeautiful braid

  • One Size Fits All:
    Perfect for all hair types – straight. curly. thick. fine and more
  • Sturdy Top-quality Material:
    Made of lightweight resin. easy to bend and not easy to break.

  • Versatile Use:
    Elegant hairstyle for attending special occasions like wedding ceremony. party. formal dinner. etc.; also perfect for daily activities like working and exercising

  • Two Different Styles

Featured two different styles for all ladies.


  1. Takea portion of hair from top of head and tuck it into the first two loops.
  2. Take a portion of hair from one side.cross it over the top of the braider andtuckit into the next loop.
  3. Take a portion of hair fromanother side.cross it overthebraider andtuckit into the next loop.
  4. Continue to twist and tuck hair from bothsides to fill each loop of the braider alternately until a perfect braidis made.


Crystal TwistUp Hair Braiding Tool

  • Material:Pearl. Crystal. Frosted flowers
  • Color: White
  • Dimension:27 x 5 cm

Invisible TwistUp Hair Braiding Tool (set of 3)

  • Material:Resin
  • Color: Black. White. Brown
  • Dimension:19.5 x 2.5 cm


  • 1pc x Crystal TwistUp Hair Braiding Tool (White)
  • 3pcs x Invisible TwistUp Hair Braiding Tool (Black+Brown+White)

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Crystal Hair Braider (White), Set of 3 (Invisible Hair Braider)


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TwistUp Hair Braiding Tool