Ultimate Car Nano Repairing Spray


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Remove Car Scratches Like A PRO!

This advanced car paint sealant will remove any scratches. dirts. cracks in SECONDS! Just Spray and Wait. Bring any cracked. damaged surfaces back to their brand-new look!

Made withhighly-advanced ceramic formula. it forms aprotective 9H ceramic coatingafter spraying โ€“ whichprevents any further car damagewithlong-lastingresult!

With this innovative spray. you’ll be on the path to maintaining the value of your car!


Remove Scratches in Seconds

Nano ingredients can fill up the gap and hide the scratches instantly.

9H Coating Technology

Provides protective ceramic coating from bird drops. stone chips. iron powder. and UV light fading.

Instant Restore Luster

Leaves a shiny gloss finish for impressive results without needing to wax your car.

Long-term Protection

Paint protection lasts long with its hydrophobic paint sealant. which keeping your car clean for longer. Generally lasts for> 6 months.

Easy 2-Steps Application

Just spray & wipeto bring it back to its original. flawless condition!

Wide Application
Works onvarious surfacesincluding wheels. chrome. paint. metal. plastic. rubber. leather. engine and even carpet.


  1. Cleans off dirt and stains on the surface of your car and dry it with a towel.
  2. Directly spray the cleaner on the desired area.
  3. Use a towel or sponge to wipe evenly until the surface is bright and smooth.
  4. Enjoy the stunning shiny gloss finish!


  • Net content:120ML


  • 1 x Ultimate Car Nano Repairing Spray

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Ultimate Car Nano Repairing Spray