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Afantasticalternative to slimming pills.The ultimate Detox Slimming Patchis a great way of achieving visible weight loss results.Ultimate Slimming Patch has apowerful.botanically-basedformula to deliver maximumfirming.tightening. andtoningresults when applied to your skin. Work on your stomach for a slimmer outlook andfirmer.toned skin! The product effectivelyblocks the absorption of grease&starchand helps balancing one’s excess appetite. It also helpseliminating fatsandtoxinsin the body while tightening one’s skin.

How it works:


Main Component’s Effects –Sophoricoside. Capsaicin. Salicornia Herbachea. Catechin. Caffeine.

e warp for 8 hours before removing it.

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  • 5pcs X Ultimate Slimming Patch

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Ultimate De-tox Slimming Patch