Ultra-Warm Fleece Indoor Socks



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Ultra-Warm Fleece Indoor Socks
is one of themust-have itemsin your wardrobe in cold weather. The fleecetraps the heat effectivelyand warm your feet from toes to the calf. With thesoft fleece. it iscomfortable to wearand you can feel like walking with barefoot.

The socks arestretchythat they can be rolled up and down. Also. it is suitable for wearing to bed toenhance warmnessandimprove blood circulationwhen sleeping.

Designed with anti-slip silicone.increasing friction between socks and floorto prevent slipping when you run or down stairs.

Let’s get your feet warm now~


  • Retain Heat
    Thick & multi-layerscantrap heat effectivelykeeping your feet warmfrom toes to the calf.

  • Comfortable. Anti-Slip โ™‚
    Made of high quality of fleece. which issoft & comfortable. Can wear it for a whole day! Designed with anti-slip silicone. increasing friction between socks and floor to prevent slipping when you run or down stairs.

  • Extendable. Stretchy Material
    The socks are flexiblystretchythat allows you toroll up and downto create different styles. like knee high. mid calf or quarter & more.

  • ImproveBlood Circulation
    They can be wore to bed toenhance blood circulationat night.

  • DiversePatterns & Colors
    There aremultiple patterns and colorsto fit your own style. Provides patterns with vector. heart and deer; colors with blue. purple. gray. orange and pink.


  • Material: Fleece
  • Size:Free size
  • Color:Gray / Orange / Blue / Pink / Purple


  • 1 Pair xFleece Indoor Socks

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Blue Heart, Gray Deer, Orange Deer, Pink Heart, Purple Deer


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Ultra-Warm Fleece Indoor Socks