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See Our Satisfied Customers’ Brilliant Smiles Using This USmile Charcoal Herbal Teeth Whitening Powder!

Mia Ramirez. 46. Dallas. Texas
“Everyone who knows me. knows that I’m a coffee lover and I can’t go on a day without drinking a cup or more. With my addiction though. I have noticed that it has turned my teeth more yellowish and unsightly. It began to worry me and caused me to lose self-confidence. My regular toothpaste hasn’t even worked anymore to brighten up the stains so I’ve decided to try new and that’s when I saw this product. In just a couple of days. it already blew my mind with how it gently lifts up the build-up stains and gives my mouth an extra freshness after each use. It’s more than 4 daysnow and my teeth are naturally whiter than ever and considerably clean. I can now talk closely to my peers again without getting conscious of my teeth. They even commented on how good and healthy it looks now! Great dental arsenal. will continue on using it!
Jacob Rogers. 58. Lexington. Kentucky
“I’m a habitual smoker and just recently started to stop gradually as it started to take a toll on my body and even my teeth. It had turned alarmingly yellow that anyone who even glanced at it would already know that I smoke and have the worst dental care in the world. My teeth also started to throb randomly and made eating hard. I wanted to try to get it cleaned at my dentist. but I didn’t have time to get a schedule for it. So instead I switched my toothpaste to this well-reviewed teeth whitening product. I was actually doubtful about it. but it eases my uncertainty with its immediate and amazing result. After a week it had faded the stubborn tartars without causing any sensitivities. It also helps me in eliminating my bad breath and has fully soothe the toothaches I’ve been experiencing before. This charcoal product is such a life saver. I can now smile and reveal only pearlescent white teeth.”

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

There are different causes of teeth yellowing. including:
Poor dental hygiene
Drinking coffees. red wine or teas
Chewing tobacco
They have substances that can move and attach into the outer layers of your tooth structure. Deteriorating the enamel and making it more porous and allowing the yellow dentin to be more visible. We introduce USmile Charcoal Herbal Teeth Whitening Powder to step up your oral care routine and have a whiter teeth in no time!

Fine-Grained Activated Charcoal- A Key to Regain Whiter Teeth

This advanced teeth whitener is made with fine-grained activated charcoal blended with 9 potent Ayurvedic ingredients. It is thoroughly rubbed on the teeth and gums which effectively eliminates all accumulated plaque and tartar as well as surface stains. The charcoal powder’s natural substance also helps in strengthening the enamel which in turn provides a polished. naturally white tooth appearance. It even encourages overall oral health and prevents gum irritations. bleeding. gingivitis and tooth aches. In addition. the teeth-whitening powder can remove the foul smell in the mouth and keeps it pleasantly fresh for a long time.

Bring Smile To Every Face

Itmaintains the oral pH balance to avoid tooth’s mineral from depleting and risk developing cavities. It is developed with sensitive teeth in mind which can successfully perform without damaging the teeth. enamel and gums or causing sensitivities. Moreover. the charcoal is so easy to use that you only need to dab your wet toothbrush to the power and brush it to your teeth in gentle circles for 2 minutes. Giving you a pearly white smile with an extra sparkle in just a few DAYS!

Check Out Emma’s Brilliant White Smile In Just 1 Week!

Emma is a full-time saleswoman and with her type of work. it is necessary to keep teeth and gums healthy at all times. However. recently her teeth have started to turn yellowish due to her excessive drinking of coffees and teas. Not wanting to greet and talk to her customers’ with an unattractive stain. she switched up her regular toothpaste and gave USmile Charcoal Herbal Teeth Whitening Powder a go.

Day 1:

“A smile is one of the first things that a person notices and is a powerful weapon. especially in my work. but with my now stained teeth. I began to hide them more. It is really uncomfortable and detrimental to my job so I’ve tried this whitening powder. It is very refreshing in my mouth and the powder does not discolor my teeth. In just a day of use. the brown stains between the teeth seem a little bit reduced.”


“A couple of days of using the charcoal powder and I’ve noticed that it even eliminates residues that my previous toothpaste missed. The results are so good that the accumulated stains are visibly lifted without damaging my teeth further. I have already achieved the tooth whiteness that I didn’t think was possible for such a few days! I’m so hyped up on what it can do more for my teeth after more days.”br>


“7 days in total and this powder had really magically turned my yellow teeth into strong. dashing white teeth. If I only knew that whitening a tooth can be this easy then I should have ditch my toothpaste a long time ago. I’m not hesitant to flash a smile anymore and can greet my customers with great impressions. What I love more about this product is that it cleans and whiten without looking unnatural. I highly recommend this to everyone!”
Emma Walker. 47. Chicago. Illinois


  1. Moisten your toothbrush and dip it in the charcoal
  2. Brush in little circles for 2-4 minutes
  3. Keep your mouth closed while brushing
  4. Spit out when done and clean with water
  5. Brush your teeth with regular toothpaste to remove all the charcoal
  6. Your mouth will feel amazingly fresh and clean.

***Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry and cool.


  • Flavor: Mint. Rose. Lemon
  • Weight: 30g


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USmile Charcoal Herbal Teeth Whitening Powder