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Achieve Cool and Trendy Platinum Silver Hair At Home!

Do Not Damage Hair and Keeps Your Hair Moisturized!

Dyeing your hair is a big commitment. and it’s even harder with so many colors to choose from.If you’re looking for a classy look that’s equally stunning. then the VColor Grey Pigmenting Agentis the perfect fit for you! Pure sophistication in a bottle. it’llcolor your hair in glamorous silver hues.

Itshair-nourishing ingredientskeep your hair silky soft and lustrous. and leaves aprotective coatthat seals in the formula into apermanent color.

  • Sophisticated Silver– A stunning touch of class. this hair dye will color your hair a pure. sophisticated silver.

  • Protective Coat– Its special formula leaves a protective coat to seal in the color and keep your hair strong and lustrous.

  • Hair-nourishing– A dye that cares for your hair. its nourishing ingredients keeps hair moisturized and silky soft. No need to worry about dried out hair like with other dyes.

  • Different Shades– From silvery gunmetal blue to pure stardust silver. this dye can be matched with different silvery shades to match the exact look you want.

  • Long-lasting– Those silvery locks are here to stay. This hair dye is permanent with only minimal fading from washing.

  • Easy to Use– For the best experience and your convenience. the dye is premixed and comes with detailed instructions for the perfect color.

How to use
*If you have dark hair color. please use de-color cream beforehand to get the best result*

  1. Do a sensitivity test 24 hours before coloring
  2. Wash your hair before coloring
  3. Brush the premix into the hair section
  4. Leave the premix in hair fornot less than 30 minutes. Leave for 40 minutes if you have thin hair strokes.
  5. Rinse hair completely
  6. It should be used with Dioxygen milk (H202)
  7. Use the ratio of Dioxygen milk and hair color cream 1:1


  • Weight: 100 ml

Product Includes

  • 1 x VColor Grey Pigmenting Agent

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VColor Grey Pigmenting Agent