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Get creative! Turn every surface into a masterpiece canvas with this rub-on transferable sticker set!

A fun aesthetic sticker set designed in different clear. realistic graphics and patterns that can be easily and quickly transferred on any surface!Suitable for cloth/fabrics. paper. plastics. wood. metal. glass and such. Making it a must-have decorative decals to step up your scrapbooking game and various canvases. Simply cut out your desired sticker. put it on the surface then gently rub it. Once done. remove the protective film at the back and you’re good to go. Perfect for styling clothes. totes. mugs. bottles. journals. arts. calendars. cards. mirrors. tables. photo frames and more possibilities.

The rub-on transferable stickers offer a long-lasting performance that allows it to stay as vivid as it was still new for years. Each sticker does not also create damage on any surface so it can be applied confidently anytime. An ideal decorative decal for artists. journal writers. DIYer. students. and so on.

Create a pinterest-worthy scrapbook page and DIY pieces using this rub-on transferable sticker set!


  • Aesthetic Rub-on Stickers
    A dry transferable decal pack that comes in 5 sets of different vintage aesthetic design. Including dry flowers. floral romance. daisies and wreath. watercolor plants. and labels and stamps. The pack’s various artistic styles are perfect for creating collage. patterns. additional embellishment or be flawlessly put together. Making your crafts and pieces more unique and classic that will surely never go out of style. A must-have for your journals. diaries. scrapbooks. art books. and so on.

  • Cloth-Friendly
    Made from high-quality material with clear. realistic graphics and patterns that can be safely used on most fabric types. Allowing it to be transferred without ruining and smudging the print or getting the surface damaged. Great for your favorite shirts or totes and other linen. cotton. hemp and canvas.

  • Highly Versatile
    These vintage stickers are not like your ordinary ones! It is specially designed to be used on any smooth surfaces. but still as easily and quick to transfer. Making it a versatile rub-on decal that is suitable for cloth/fabrics. paper. plastics. wood. metal. glass. among others. You can use it to create appealing journal themes like travel journal. seamstress journal or for decorating walls. windows. totes. photo frames. calendars. cards. mugs. bottles. clothing. visual panels. tables. arts and crafts and more possibilities.

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    The transfer sticker set can withstand up to longer years without loosening adhesion or causing cracks. discoloration. and fading. All designs can also hold their shape and are water-resistant. but don’t let it be soaked in excessive amounts of water or moisture. You can now always look back on your journal page or decorative piece and reveal each sticker’s vivid colors as it was still new.
  • Easy Rub-On Application
    No need for complicated steps to get aesthetic! Simply cut out your desired sticker. stick onto the surface facing the print. gently rub it on to adhere firmly. remove the protective film and you’re done. You can now effortlessly turn any surface into a stunning canvas! Ideal for artists. journal writers. DIYer. students. and so on.


  • Size: 10x15cm
  • Style: Floral romance / Watercolor plants / Dry flowers / Daisy / Label & stamp


  • 2pcs / 10pcs(includes 5 styles) ofVersatile Rub-on Transferable Stickers

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5-style Set (10pcs) HOT PACKAGE 50% OFF, Diasy (2pcs) $8.5/each, Dry Flowers (2pcs) $8.5/each, Floral Romance (2pcs) $8.5/each, Label & Stamp (2pcs) $8.5/each, Watercolor plants (2pcs) $8.5/each


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Versatile Rub-on Transferable Stickers (2PCS/SET)