VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne And Acne Scar Treatment Serum ( 17ml, 0.57oz )



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VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Formula Help To Treat Acne!Safe & Effective.For All Skin Type!

Before introducing our product here are the people who are fascinated by our product

“I’m a 32-year-old female who has been struggling with horrific acne since I was 14 years old. My face was so bad that I refused to leave the house without concealer on. More than once I called into work sick because I was breaking out so bad I couldn’t make myself go out and face people.This stuff was truly a God-send for me.I am finally starting to feel confident in my skin. I can’t believe how clear my severe acne has become. It has even healed up and hidden some scars!! This product is absolutely wonderful and I will never stop buying this.”

-Georgina Carreon

“I’ve had pretty bad skin for almost seven years now. So seven years ago I spent the summer working at a family camp. and I was outside a TON. Tanning mostly. I started breaking out like crazy and started looking into options to help. I find this serum last month. My skin finally cleared at the help ofVIBRANT GLAMOUR!! would give it 100 stars if I could!!! “

– Oleander Whisper

How Acne Forms:

Acne occurs when the pores of your skin become blocked withoil dead skinandbacteria.

  • Too much oil is produced by your follicle.
  • Dead skin cell accumulate in your pores.
  • Bacteria build up in your pores.

What Are The Different Types of Acne:

Blackheads and whiteheads:These appear when pores become clogged with excess oil. bacteria. and dead skin cells.

Papules:When excess oil. bacteria. and dead skin cells push deeper into the skin and cause inflammation (redness and swelling). you’ll see small. red bumps.

Pustules:These blemishes are a lot like papules. except that pustules contain a yellowish fluid.

Acne nodules and cysts:These acne blemishes penetrate deep into the skin. and often cause permanent acne scars when they heal.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Fast:Herbal Extract

In a study from Japan Academy of Dermatological Sciences. conducted on an anti-acne formulation prepared from herbal extracts. it was revealed that ethanol extract ofSophora Flavescens.Rheum Officinale.Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root.Camelia Sinensis.Psidium Guajava. andHamamelis Virginianapossessed thegreat effect for inhibiting acne.

TheVIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Aand Acne Scar Treatment Serum’sKey Ingredients:

  • Sophoro Flavescens:Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. balace oil secretion. remove toxins and impurities in the skin.
  • Rheum Officinale Extract:Curing capillaries. reducing the production of red blood streaks. antibacterial and anti-oxidant.
  • Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract:Improve skin activity. inhibit melanin. remove acne marks. whitening delicate skin.
  • Psidium Guajava Extract:it’sleaf extract is also a good source of beneficial compounds for healthy skin.
  • Hamamelis Virginiana Water:they enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin and help to reduce flaking and restores the suppleness of skin.
  • Camelia Sinensis Extract:If you struggle with blemishes or rough patches that detract from your complexion. Camellia sinensis may help to even things out and restore your skin’s overall texture.
  • There are two strong effects that makesVIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Aand Acne Scar Treatment Serumspecial!

    1. Strong Targeted Acne Romoval

    2. Repair Acne Marks & Scars

    VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Aand Acne Scar Treatment Serumis Safe and Comfortable to Any Skin Types. It is Suitable Even for Sensitive Skin. It is Recommended for All Parts of the Body.
    Product Include
    1pc x VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne Aand Acne Scar Treatment Serum ( 17ml. 0.75oz )

    Our Gaurantee:

    Note:Come with 30 days guarantee and friendly service. if our serum doesn’t work for your skin. or you simply don’t like them. the item can be returnable. We guarantee you a pleasant shopping and using experience.Quality assurance Risk-Free 30 daysmoney backguarantee.

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    VIBRANT GLAMOUR Herbal Acne And Acne Scar Treatment Serum ( 17ml, 0.57oz )