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Smoothen and hydrate your skin with the help of our Volcanic Mud Shower Milk!
Ourwhitening treatment features a powerful combination of charcoal and three triple-actions clays that help pull out impurities from your pores. leaving your skin clean. whiten. and radiant.
This Mudwill gently exfoliate and remove blackheads. leaving your skin clean and hydrated.


  • YOUTHFUL VIBRANCE – Our exfoliating face mask is loaded with silica. a trace mineral that strengthens connective tissue. helping whitening your skin.

  • RENEWED RADIANCE – Its rich mineral content allows it to help remove and reducing dead cells. soothing. cleansing & purifying your skin.

  • 100% PURE DEAD SEA MUD – Unlike other Mud products on the market. ourMUD is 100% pure & Organic Dead Sea Mud THEREFORE. IT’S MORE OF A LIQUID TEXTURE. You get the most out of the Dead Sea mud’s benefits without worrying about chemicals.

  • DETOX FOR ACNE TREATMENT – It accelerates natural exfoliation. draws out toxins and impurities. controls oiliness. and restores pH balance. All these work together to make it effective acne & psoriasis treatment. Pore tightening & reducer. and blackhead mask.


  • Skin Type: Suitable for All Skin Type
  • Volume: 250ML
  • Shelf Life: 36 Months


  • 1 Bottle x VolcanMud Shower Gel

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VolcanMud Balance Tone Shower Gel