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The Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo features a valve that is designed for fine and uniform spray application with dense adsorption factor. allowing you to easily clean and style your hair in one go!

—————User’s Reviews—————-
Chelsea Richardson. USA

The formula of this dry shampoo is really of high quality. It suits all hair types. My sister and I use this. I have dry hair that is prone to frizz and she has thin. oily hair and this works for the both of us. After application. it doesn’t leave a white cast. which is a huge plus for us.


Caitlin Chapman. UK

The Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo really gets the job done! I love using this to refresh my hair between washes. The smell is amazing! And the formula really absorbs the excess oil without leaving my hair frizzy or dry. Love it!


Sophia Gallagher. AU

My usually thin hair looks somewhat thicker and shinier. thanks to the Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo. This really brings my hair to life. It feels smoother and looks bouncier. The best part is this never leaves any residue on my scalp and hair. In fact. it gets rid of the grease. dirt. and even odour. I’m definitely going to recommend this product to my friends.


If you’re too busy. tired. or lazy to wash your hair everyday. using a dry shampoo is a good option. Dry shampoo comes in handy if you want to refresh and style your hair and control greasy buildup on the scalp without stepping foot into the shower.

Gentle Cleansing + Volumizing Formula = 8 Hours of Fresh & Fluffy Hair

The Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo is an all-in-one hair product with a gentle formula that cleanses scalp and hair and gets rid of greasiness and odor while adding volume to your locks. You’ll get non-sticky cleansing with no residue and hair root lifting and texturizing effects with just a few sprays.

Its mild. non-greasy formula contains the combination of oil-absorbing rice starch. anti-static and conditioning Cetroyl Ammonium Chloride. and hydrating and soothing aloe extract that makes hair fresh and bouncy.

  • Rice starch works its magic by soaking up all the grease. debris. and product buildup on the scalp while conditioning the hair. creating an excellent volume and giving your locks a lift and fluffy look.
  • Cetroyl Ammonium Chloride gently cleans and freshens up your roots and scalp while preventing hair static electricity. which leads to frizziness. dryness. and brittleness.
  • Aloe extract helps reduce scalp oil without overdrying. It strengthens. hydrates. and coats hair strands with moisture to make it smooth. soft. and shiny.

Major Product eatures:

  • Cleans hair and scalp and absorbs excess oil. odor. and product residue without lathering up and rinsing your stands
  • Lifts the hair root for added volume. increasing the hair fluffiness degree by 3 times
  • Gives hair texture and creates light and airy hair without the greasy and sticky feel
  • Provides excellent oil control
  • Reduces and prevents hair static electricity that often leads to frizz and brittleness
  • Strengthens. conditions. and hydrates each strand
  • Mild formula refreshes the scalp while reducing hair follicle irritation
  • Great for quick and on-the-go hair cleansing. volumizing. and styling
  • Comes in a spray design for an even and uniform application
  • Suits all hair types and texture

β€œIf you used it correctly. the Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo can actually prolong the style and freshness of your hair and reduce the side effects of grease. Its formula creates an airy texture at the hair roots. which gives your hair added volume and bounce.” – Dana Fowler. San Diego. California-based hairstylist


Tina Martinez put the Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo to a 3-week test and shared her experience.

Week 1:

The Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo really worked on the first try! I have thin. straight hair. and this product created a non-sticky. almost matte texture on my hair that gave it a lift and bounce. I loved it!

Week 2:

On my second week of using the dry shampoo. I tried spraying after 3 straight days without showering and it really cleansed my dirty. oily hair and greasy scalp. This freshened up my scalp and let me easily style my hair however I wanted it even on no-shower days.

Week 3:

In terms of ridding my hair and scalp of dirt and excess oil and giving it texture. thickness. and volume. the Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo is absolutely a winner! In simpler words. this is HOLY GRAIL.


How to Use:

  • Step 1: Shake the bottle and spray it on the hair root 30cm away from the hair.
  • Step 2: Massage with your fingertips to loosen your hair. so that the powder does not fully contact the hair.
  • Step 3: Style your hair by combing the shape using your hand or comb.

Product Specifications:

  • Product weight: 100ml
  • Product volume: 14.8cm x 4.1cm x 4.1cm
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Core ingredients: Rice starch. Cetroyl ammonium chloride. Aloe extract

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo

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Volume+ Fluffy Hair Dry Shampoo