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Let your lovely pupper jump into the summer fun with this sprinkler splash pad!

A unique pet toy designed in a cool paddling pool that your dog can bathe and relax on. combined with a sprinkler. It releases a continuous jet of water around the pad and offers an adjustable spray height according to the water pressure. Additionally. this sprinkler pad comes with a non-slip texture surface that lets your pet or even your kids run and play with great grip.
Making it an excellent boredom buster that will surely be loved by any pup and keep them entertained for long. It also allows your precious furry friend to cool down while having fun even with the summer heat.
The splash pad is made with a thickened PVC material which ensures that it won’t pop or get pierced on even with your pooch sharp nails. Simply unfold the pad then lay it down. connect the garden hose and open to operate the sprinkler and done. It is foldable so you can store it easily anytime without taking up space.
Let your dog beat the scorching heat with an enjoyable and unique wet outdoor activity using this sprinkler splash pad!


  • Pet Splash Pad
    A tail-wagging pet toy that combines a cool paddling pool and fun sprinkler that will surely be enjoyed by any pooch. This splash pad can hold enough water for your furry friend to lay. bathe and relax with plenty of space to roll around. Moreover. the sprinklers release a continuous jet of water around the pad with an adjustable spray height depending on the water pressure.

  • Excellent Boredom Buster
    The unique sprinkler pad is a great way for releasing your pet’s excess pent-up energy and will keep them entertained for hours. Ideal especially during summer months so you can let your pup bask in the sun while still having a delightful moment of wet play to cool down. You could also use it when you’re gone for a little while so you won’t have them barking or running and biting things around the house. No more stress and boredom because of summer heat or even neighbors complaining with your dog’s nonstop woofing.
  • Non-Slip Design
    This fun splash pad features a non-slip texture design surface that can effectively increase the grip. Allowing your precious pet or even your youngster to enjoy water play while still ensuring their safety. Saving them from accidental slips and falls even with water sprinkling around.

  • Easy to Set Up and Store
    No more inflation needed! Quickly let your dog into the wet fun! Just simply unfold the pad. lay it outside. connect it to the garden hose then adjust the water pressure to meet your desired spray height and done. The splash pad is highly foldable so you can neatly store it with ease without taking up much space.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality 45mm thickened PVC material that can withstand the sharpness of your dog’s nails. Preventing it from popping or from easily getting scratched and pierced on. The fun splash pad is also completely odorless so it can be played at any time with no problems.

Warm Tips:

  • TRIM your dogs’ nails before using the mat and be careful to prevents dog nails catching it and maybe causing a tear.
  • Always put up on an even and stable surface ( lawn. garden. beach and so on).no sharp items underneath.
  • DO NOT use high pressure water filling water.Excessive pressure may cause unnecessary damage to the splash pad.
  • DO NOT move the splash pad when it’s full of water. “

  • Material: PVC
  • Diameter: 100cm / 150cm
  • 1 xWater Fun Sprinkler Splash Pad

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100cm, 150cm


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Water Fun Sprinkler Splash Pad