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‘Waterdrop Head Massager’ will give you tingling and relaxing sensation for instant relief after a tiring day. Designed with rubber beads that glides over your scalp giving euphoric feeling. It removes muscle tension to help reduce stress. relieve headache. massage scalp and increase blood circulation.

While other head massagers scratch. pull hair and cause discomfort. ‘Waterdrop Head Massager’ has rubber bead that provides relaxing and smooth massage. Not only for scalp. you can massage as well pressure points and nerves on knee joints. ankles. elbows. and more. This head massager increase blood circulation. relax muscle tension and relieve fatigue all day.

Works for all types of hair. including dense. thick. coarse. curl or even bald.

Portableand bendablethat can fit to any head size. Simply glide slowly over your scalp and enjoy tingling sensation. Easy to carry and use anywhere. perfect for home. travel and office use.

Material: Stainless Steel
Dimension: Approx. 23cm in length
Color: Random Color

1x Waterdrop Head Massager

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Waterdrop Head Massager