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Compared to flawless makeup. adding freckles gives a sense of intimacy. It is a kind of frank freedom with a girlish natural atmosphere. You canhave that look with the WhatTheFreckWaterproof Makeup Pen!
Get the easiest. natural looking faux freckle look with the WhatTheFreck Waterproof Makeup Pen! Super long wearing formula. buildable customizable color. and the softest felt tip applicator. create the most effortless sun kissed look.
Available in two colors! Light Brown and Dark you and your friends can
get the perfect natural looking freckles that fits on any skin tone! It’s great for creatingsun-kissed skin on your summer daily wear.

Dark Brown
This color is soft and natural. Natural freckles. freckles extend to the whole cheek. it is lazy and sexy

Light Brown
This color is true and natural. The imperfection of freckles is also a kind of perfection. Some small freckles look playful and young.

The WhatTheFreck Waterproof Makeup Penis made from high quality ingredients so you’re sure that it is safe and no pigmentation.With a special formula. it dries quickly and holds on strong. It’s waterproof. smudge proof and stay on all day. You can swim or sweat but not to worried about smudge.
How to use theWhatTheFreck Waterproof Makeup Pen:

1: Apply the WhatTheFreck to the desired position. Make sure you apply it in the right place. natural freckles are normally located in cheekbones and above the nose.
2:point the freckles pen directly on the face or on your fingers. and then cover the desired place with your fingers The place where freckles grow. which is more convenient and less error-prone

Net Weight: 2.5ml
Gross weight: 20g
Colors: Light brown / Dark Brown

Product net weight: 2.5ml
Product Efficacy: Fine depiction. point out natural artificial small freckles

Package Includes:
1 x WhatTheFreck Waterproof Makeup Pen

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#01 Light Brown, #02 Dark Brown


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WhatTheFreck Waterproof Makeup Pen