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Clean and tidy your room cable in 1 minute! This Wire Data Cable Finishing Sleeve will keep your wiring setup organized and tidy. say goodbye to clutter cabling.
Our Cable Finishing Sleeve can make your home tidy. prevent children or the elderly from tripping over the cable. and durable materials can prevent damage to the cable caused by pets and electric leakage.

Made with thick and durable material can better prolong cable life. keeping your wire and cords from dirt. frays. tangles and knots.
Can be used to organize power cords. phone chargers. laptop and audio cables. gaming console wires. USB cable and more!


Neat & Cable Tangle-free

  • This coiled tube cable management will keep your wiring setup organized and tidy. say goodbye to clutter cabling. Ideal for home or office use

Widely to Apply

  • This cable organizer sleeve suitable for all cable bundling solutions in your home or office. ranging from phone charger cables to medical monitor/ PC/ TV power cable. ethernet cable. telephone lines.

Safety & High Capacity

  • Protect cords from being damaged by pedestrian traffic or ruined by chewing pets. prevent leakage

Easy to install and Customizable

  • With the thread clip can easy to install. the flexible and soft cable management sleeve can be cut to custom lengths. or join several tubes together to bundle longer cables.


1. Measure and cut the tube into the length you need.

2. Open the clip and lay your wires inside.

3. Push the bullet-shaped end of the tool into the coil just a few inches.

4. Use your hand hold the coil. make sure the wires all in the tube. pushing down the clip along the coil.

5. keep pushing the bullet shape further into the coil and continue laying in your wires until done.

6. The tool can even be clipped around the completed sleeve to store it with the bundle for future use


  • Size: 10mm / 16mm / 22mm / 28mm
  • Color: White / Black
  • Material: PE
  • Length:2m


1 xWire Data Cable Finishing Sleeve

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Black, White


10mm*2m, 16mm*2m, 22mm*2m, 28mm*2m


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Wire Data Cable Finishing Sleeve