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We woodworkers can sometimes find ourselves stuck โ€œin the box.โ€ producing projects with a large majority of flat surfaces and square corners. For many projects. this is just fine. but sometimes we need to explore the boundaries of our wood shaping capabilities.

When it comes to freehand carving on your larger projects. no other tool gets the job done better than Zezzo CleverCarver.From bowls to bears or artistic sculptures to log homes. furniture making. and taxidermy. Anytime you need to get a final shape. whether flat or contoured. The Zezzo CleverCarver see-through discs can help bring your vision to reality.

Usingthe chainsaw blade and saw blade carver can endanger your life as they uncontrollably crash into working material. The big number of teeth on such discs combined with a high RPM rate of an angle grinder can lead to serious injuries.

Working with Zezzo CleverCarver is safer due to its special cutting geometry. he remains fully controllable. by concurrent cutting performance.You can use itin horizontal as well as in vertical directions.for manually cutting/carving/grinding wood.

Cutting -Slitting and cross-cutting of wood with kerf5mm.

Carving -Smooth grooving. rabbet cutting. and carving are possible because of its hollowgrooved cutting profile. chip thickness limiter with “anti-kickback” function for manual power carving.

Grinding-Due to the fact that teeth stick out of the surface of the disc body. this angle grinder wood cutting disc can be used for grinding.

Zezzo CleverCarver applies a shearing action to the wood. which produces a pleasant pile of fluffy shavings rather than dust. as it removes stock quickly. excelling at flattening uneven shapes. and scooping out material.

And itsunusual shape ensures safe work on a wide range of materials: wood. laminated flooring. parquet (hardwood). aerated concrete. plasterboard. and plastic.

With effortless control and resistance to loading. you’ll use them project after project.


Material AircraftAluminum
Diameter Cutting Circle 115 mm
Base Body 114.7 mm
Cutting Radius 5 mm
Amounting Hole 22.2 mm
Suitable with An angle grinder 115 and 125 mm
Product Weight 150g
ProductSize 115 x 10 x 22.2 mm
Package Contents 1 xZezzo CleverCarver


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Zezzo CleverCarver